Following the Scent by Christopher Eckhoff

  • Following the Scent: Bird Dogs, Their Handlers, and Field Trialing

    Author Christopher Eckhoff takes you through a two-year stint campaigning his bird dogs in field trials throughout the country. His love of the sport and his dogs quickly becomes evident as he takes special pleasure in sharing his many experiences. 187 pgs.

    A 187-page book for all those who enjoy field trials by Christopher Eckhoff. Christopher thoroughly examines various elements with field trialing that are common for all breeds of bird dog performance events whether they are pointers, flushers, or retrievers. Christopher explains in his own words about his adventures and journey with his own dogs, describing his best moments, as well as how poor runs can happen, and how you can learn from them. Christopher proves that he's in the business of training and breeding bird dogs and he's very good at it.

    Chapters Page #
    Setting the Scene 1
    You Can't Tell the Players Without a Program 9
    The Fox Creek Classic 13
    The Golden Triangle 23
    Interleague Play 27
    Judging The Dogs 31
    Ethical Bird Dog Handling 41
    The Nationals 45
    Some Final Thoughts On Judging 53
    It's a Rainout 59
    The Perfect Run 65
    Home Turf 75
    No Good Deed Goes Unpunished 81
    Double Duty 89
    A Perspective On Field Trialing 97
    Decisions and Problems 103
    Follies in Field Trials 107
    It's Not All About Winning, Really! 121
    The Regional Championship 127
    Judging The National Endurance 2002 135
    Fun in The Sun 143
    The New Season Begins 147
    Turmoil in My Program 151
    Turmoil, The Story Continues 157
    Bozeman Bound 163
    Beautiful Billings, Montana 171
    A Region on the Ropes 175
    The Last Hurrah 181
    About the Author 187

    A Little about Christopher Eckhoff

    Christopher Eckhoff has been published in Gun Dog and Pointing Dog Journal magazines among numerous other publications. The author has been a bird dog trainer for over 30 years, the most recent 24 years professionally as his only profession. He is the owner/operator of Upland Kennel which is located in easter Montana. Christopher has been heavily involved in bird dog field trials since 1979. He earned field championships with four of his own dogs and currently runs dogs in the AKC Master Hunt Test program.

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