Ferrel Miller on Common Sense Bird Dog Training

  • Ferrel Miller on Common Sense Bird Dog Training DVD

    Ferrel Miller is the most famous bird dog trainer in the world. Most bird hunters and virtually every person who knows anything about bird dog field trials know of Ferrel Miller. The viewer visits Ferrel at home in Kentucky. The experience is much like being there with Ferrel teaching and demonstrating with his puppies and young dogs. This is a true teaching video. Although Ferrel is most famous for his success in field trials, this is destined to be the most popular gun dog training video ever made. In 80 minutes the viewer can develop a clear understanding of how to train a dog, but will probably watch it over and over to glean as much as possible from it. It is simply chocked full of information.

    Ferrel Demonstrates how to:
    • Humanize and Socialize Puppies
    • Use a wing to get Puppies going with you in the field.
    • Teach the pup to hunt for you
    • Use a check cord to get a young dog to handle and stay upfront about you
    • Teach whoa on the bench, barrel, and whoa post
    • Use pigeons to get the dog pointing and holding
    • Correctly use an electronic training collar
    • Use released quail
    • Steady to wing and shot
    • Teach backing or honoring another pointed dog
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