Dogtra EF-3500 Pet Containment System

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  • Dogtra EF3500 E-Fence

    The Dogtra E-FENCE 3500 is a rechargeable, effective, hardwired underground containment system for mild to stubborn dispositioned dogs. This easy-to-install system allows you to set custom boundaries around your property that help your dog to have freedom and the ability to play safely in your yard.

    The E-FENCE 3500 system comes with 500 feet of 20 gauge wire and additional wire can be purchased to cover up to 40 acres. Maintaining the system is made easy with the Boundary Wire Continuity Light, where the light turns off and the transmitter makes a warning beep for any disconnected wire.

    Our water-resistant transmitter is designed with a Field Width adjustment knob to increase or decrease the width of the signal to adjust the area where the receiver first activates from the wire, depending on your property layout and size. The transmitter includes two correction modes: a High-Performance Pager vibration warning before stimulation and a High-Performance Pager vibration only mode.

    With 8 levels of adjustable correction modes, the system will accommodate each dog’s different personality and temperament to stay within the containment area. The receiver has a battery life indicator and 2-hour rapid charge lithium polymer batteries.


    Additional Receiver:

    Dogtra EF3500 Additional Receiver


    Replacement Accessories:

    Dogtra EF3500 Additional Wire

    Dogtra EF3500 Receiver Wall Charger

    Dogtra E-Fence Surge Protector



    Fence Wire - The fence wire must make a continuous loop around your property for your system to operate. The signal is delivered from the transmitter's terminal, through the fence wire, back to the other terminal on the transmitter. When this is accomplished, the wire continuity light will emit a constant red indicator.

    "The wire should be buried approximately 4-6 inches into the ground, or deep enough to protect it from being damaged by any machinery or dug up by your dog. (The wire does not have to be buried to work.)"

    Wire Placement:

    CAUTION - Before installing your fence wire, contact the utility company to mark the utility lines on your property before digging. Be sure to test your wire layout above ground before permanent installation begins. Carefully choose the areas in which you want to contain your dog. A diagram may help predict unforeseen obstacles.

    IMPORTANT! When creating a Front Boundary Only, Fence Front Yard Only, or Front Boundary with Existing Fence type of e-fence system, THE TWO PARALLEL E-FENCE WIRES MUST BE 6-10 FEET APART to avoid any signal interference.

    • 2-Hour Rapid Charge Batteries
    • Non-Stimulating High Performance Pager
    • Low to Medium Power Stimulation
    • Ultra-Compact Receiver/Collar
    • Fully Waterproof Receiver/Collar
    • EZ Coding for Extra Receivers
    • 40-Acre Maximum Area Coverage
    • Wire Continuity Indicator
    • For Dogs as Small as 15 lbs.
    • 1-Year Warranty
    • Wall Mounting Transmitter
    • Waterproof Receiver
    • Transmitter Power Adapter
    • Battery Charger for Receiver
    • Underground Fence Wire (500 ft.)
    • Training Flags (50 each)
    • Waterproof Splices (4 each)
    • Test Light
    • Ground Wire (Dark Green)
    • Transmitter Mounting Screws (2 each) & plastic anchors (2 each)
    • Non-Stimulation Contacts
    • Owner's Manual & Training Manual
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