Dogtra 1900s Wetlands

  • Dogtra 1900S Wetlands

    The 1900S Wetlands is a 1-Dog system only.

    The Dogtra 1900S Wetlands is designed for the wetland hunters in mind, offering a 3/4-mile range with high output stimulation in 1-127 levels, coated in the ideal camouflaged pattern for wetland hunting. The 1900S Wetlands’ receiver is IPX9K certified waterproof to withstand high heat and extreme water pressure, proving its durability and dependability for the most demanding conditions. This high output Dogtra 1900S Wetlands e-collar is the unit of choice for serious amateurs or award-winning professional trainers and hunters.

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    Dogtra 1900S 1-Dog System

    Dogtra 1902S 2-Dog System

    Dogtra 1900S Black Edition

    • 1 Dog Models
    • 3/4-Mile Range
    • Rheostat/Volume Dial with Stimulation Levels 0-127
    • 2-Hour Rapid Charge Batteries
    • Nick, Constant, and High-Performance Pager Vibration
    • Non-Stimulating High-Performance Pager
    • Low to High Power Stimulation
    • Belt Clip
    • Enhanced Contact Points
    • LCD Screen
    • For Dogs as Small as 35 lbs.
    • 1-Year Warranty


    This unit has been tested and has received a waterproof rating of IPX9K. The Ingress Protection (IP) rating classifies the level of protection provided by the exterior casing and electrical enclosures against a variety of elements. Dogtra's IPX9K rating has been specifically tested for waterproof protection. This unit was tested at close range using powerful water jets with high pressure and high temperature over various points.

    • Transmitter
    • Receiver
    • Battery Charger and Splitter Cable
    • Test Light
    • Owner's Manual
    • Gear Bag
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