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Training With Mo - Maurice Lindley

  • Training with MO - How Maurice Lindley Trains Pointing Dogs

    Training With Mo focuses on how to best train pointing dogs and how to do it with compassion. Author Martha Greenlee has used Maurice Lindley's methods while training her own pointing dogs, and she describes these methods in a clear and concise manner.


    Chapter 1: Understanding Mo's Methods
    Chapter 2: Developing The Pup
    Chapter 3: Techniques For Teaching Manners
    Chapter 4: Training Steps In Launcher Work
    Chapter 5: Training Steps In Loose Bird Work
    Chapter 6: Taking To Mo
    Chapter 7: Three Tales

    About the Author:

    Martha Greenie lives in south central Virgina with her husband Tom. She established Piney Run Kennel in 1991, where she breeds and trains Brittneys. She has trained and handled her dogs to wins in all-age and shooting dog championships, as well as put AKC Field Champion titles on many of them. Her dog NAC/FC/AFC Piney Run Sam won the Brittany National Ameteur Championship in 2000. Along with breeding, training, and field-trialing, she is an avid bird hunter and has hunted her dogs in the Southwest for Gambel's quail, in the Midwest for pheasants, and in the Northeast for grouse and woodcock.

    Martha co-authored The Brittany: Amateurs Training with Professionals and co-edited Hunting Dogs, Field Dogs, Brittanys. She has contributed stories to another anthology, A Fiesty Little Pointing Dog, and written for several publications, including Field Trail Magazine.


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