Buddy Smith's Buddy Stick Kit

  • Buddy Smith's Buddy Stick Kit for Pole Training

    The Buddy Stick Kit works in conjunction with the Buddy Smith's Bird Dog Boot Camp training DVD. The kit includes one brass snap, two PVC endcaps, 1 eye bolt, 2 nuts, 1 locking washer, 2 washers, and 4 screws.

    Assembly Instructions:
    • Select and acquire desired length of 1" Schedule 40 PVC. 5' or 6' is best.
    • Acquire PVC Cleaner, PVC Primer, and PVC Glue.
    • Clean and prime the outside end of the selected piece with PVC Primer.
    • Clean and prime the inside of the provided end cap with snap attached.
    • Apply PVC Glue to inside of cap and affix to selected length of PVC Schedule 40.
    • Use screws provided to reinforce glued connection.
    • Repeat process for the other end of the PVC using the plain end cap provided.