Boss Pet Waste Pick up 3 Piece Combo Set

  • Clean up is fast and easy with the versatile Boss Pet Dog 3 piece Waste Pick Up Combo Set. Eliminate bending and stooping with long handled tools. Quickly change from spade and rake with one button. Locks handle firmly in place. Durable and lightweight, with rubberized handles, made to last. Wooden Handles, sturdy aluminum rakes, spade, and scoops. Rake is perfect for scooping waste out of grass, and switch to spade for hard surfaces. Easy to clean with a quick spray from your hose. Detachable design is easy to assemble and disassemble to save space, hangs with the eyelet on handles for storage.


    • Eliminates bending and stooping
    • Quick change rake and spade
    • Durable and lightweight
    • Rubberized handles on wooden shafts
    • Aluminum Rake, Spade and Scoop
    • Easy to clean
    • Convenient to store 


    Rake Width: 8.5"

    Rake with Handle 47"


    Spade Width: 5.25"

    Spade with Handle 41"


    Scoop: 6.5" x 6"

    Scoop Length 38.25"


    Handle 39"

Dog Image