Dale C. Spartas - To The Point

  • To The Point: A Tribute to Pointing Dogs


    A great tribute created by Renowned Photographer Dale C. Spartas and gun dog expert Tom Davis that shares wisdom about pointing breeds, 158 pgs.

    To The Point is a page after page full of stunning full-color photographs followed by insightful text, this book covers topics such as "Ground Coverage", attributes of a good pointer and setter, and various other breeds for training. From Breed Parity to understanding the best locations and settings for your pointers, To the Point provides rich details and information for those who are just starting to learn about their pointers or the owner who is looking to learn more information, To The Point honors pointing dogs in all their stylish, tenacious, and stout-hearted glory. No matter which breed you're partial to, where you live, or what birds you hunt, if you're a pointing dog person, To the Point is the book you've been waiting for.

    Chapter Page #
    The Pointer 1
    The Setters 28
    The German Shorthaired Pointer 58
    The Brittany 80
    The Versatile Breeds 106
    Training and Trialing 130


    A Little about Dale C. Spartas

    An outdoor photographer whose work has been frequently published in Gray's Sporting Journal, Field & Stream, and Pointing Dog Journal. His other books are 101 Uses for a Lab, Just Labs, and Tom Davis's The Little Book of Flyfishing and Just Goldens.

    A Little About Tom Davis

    Senior editor and gun dog columnist for Sporting Classics, editor-at-large for Pointing Dog Journal, and a contributing author to The Encyclopedia of North American Sporting Dogs. His books include Why Dogs Do That: A Collection of Curious Canine Behaviors and The Tattered Autumn Sky, a collection of stories and essays to be published in the spring of 2004.

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