Beagle Tales 4

  • Beagle Tales 4

    A Fourth Installment of Bob Ford's short stories and adventures with a mix of love for the hunt and appreciation of the beagle as the cherished pet. 184 pgs.

    Beagle Tales 4 is the fourth installment written by Bob Ford where he describes many of his escapades featuring very nostalgic and comical events or moments, where Bob always admires the important things in life. Bob dedicates this book to the many hounds that have given him many good hours afield and his friends and family who helped support his adventures along the way. Over 40 Chapters from Bob's adventures with small game, to his description of the ideal equipment and gear to bring, to comfort food, and a lot more! Bob Ford will leave you laughing and smiling with every chapter as he describes how the little things in life can be important.

    Chapter Page #
    Ready 1
    Mean Words 6
    Patchwork 10
    The Art of Not Seeing Rabbits 17
    Somebody 20
    Beagle Ethics 25
    Firewood and Prayer 28
    Glory Days 35
    Lazy Trucks 41
    Spring Trout 44
    Rabbit Spray 50
    Old Dogs 54
    November Hooky 60
    The M Word 63
    Tastes like Chicken 67
    Gear 72
    New Year Same Resolutions 79
    Beaglemobile 82
    Apple Juice 88
    Nostalgia 97
    Winslow 103
    Beagle Commander 107
    Spring Cleaning 112
    Honey Do 115
    Bobby Burdock 120
    Spring Break 125
    Small Game 128
    Riding Shotgun 132
    Chillin' 134
    Comfort Food 137
    Old Leather 141
    For Sale, 100 Acres Call (201)... 145
    The Easter Bunny and Beagles 152
    Down in the Ghetto 155
    Intelligence 158
    Letter Opener 163
    Memory 168
    Thanks, Mom 173
    Naughty and Nice 177
    Getting Leashed 181


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