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Avery Leather Slip Lead

  • The Avery Braided Leather Slip Lead can be used anywhere from the conformation show ring to field trials and hunt tests. The brass O-Ring design at the collar allows for quick corrections should your dog become distracted and makes it easy to put on or take off. The six-strands of durable cowhide leather are braided over the top of a nylon cord so that the lead is not only durable but attractive and soft to the touch. The handle and end connections have additional leather braiding over the stitching for years of use. It has the classic large loop handle and is 38 in. in overall length, perfect for keeping your dog on the heel at your side even just for a walk around town.

    The rich brown finish on the leather matches perfectly with the Classic Avery Whistle Lanyard, making for a handsome matched set.

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