Garmin's tracking and training collars have revolutionized the way we hunt with our dogs over the last few years. With Garmins takeover of Tri-Tronics, they are positioned be the leader in the tracking collar and e-collar market for years to come. Their current industry leading Garmin Astro 430 and Garmin Alpha 100 allow hunters to track up to 20 dog over an amazing 9 mile range. Their newest system, the PRO 550 Plus, combines the training ability of the PRO 550 and adds 2 mile tracking. Garmin reinvented the best-selling and beloved Tri-Tronics Pro Basic with their release of the Garmin Tri-Tronics Sport PRO. Garmin is also proving to bring more than just e-collar and tracking to the industry with the Drive Track 71 and Garmin Watches that works seamlessly with your Alpha 100 and Astro 430 systems.