Webmaster Gets a Nice 8-Point Buck

December 14, 2015 1 min read

Most of Lion Country Supply's employees are avid hunters and love to get out in the fields and woods whenever they can. Unfortunately businesses don't run themselves and we are limited on how often we can get out and do what we love.

This past weekend, 12/12/15, our Webmaster/IT got the chance to spend the day in the woods on the last day of whitetail rifle season here in Pennsylvania. He managed to get this nice 8 point pictured below, with a 325 yard shot using a 25-.06.

LCS Webmaster's 8 point buck


Our newest sales member, Courtney, also got a very nice 10 point buck this past Saturday.

Courtney's deer

Did you have any luck this year? If so, tell us your story and comment with your buck/rack pictures below!

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