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    May 25, 2021 3 min read

    After you find a tick embedded in you or your dog, it's of vital importance to correctly remove the tick in a timely manner to best avoid the chances of disease transmission. Incorrect removal of a tick may result in compression or puncturing of the tick's body and the mouth parts being left behind in the skin, risking secondary infections and unsightly lumps. Causing injury to the tick may allow for its saliva and gut contents to be regurgitated into the host via the bloodstream. The Tick Nipper is one very simple product that is indispensable for any dog owner with long, thin jaws that are designed to slide under the tick and get as close as possible to the skin. The Tick Nipper, unlike traditional household tweezers, does not compress the tick's body. These patented tweezers also offer a built-in 20x lens to easily identify even the smallest of ticks and safely remove them in their entirety.   



    Tick Nipper YouTube Video Transcript

    Hi, Dave Myers here with Lion Country Supply. I’m here to tell you able a safe and effective way to remove ticks from your dog or for that matter from yourself. That is with the Tick Nipper.

    We all know that ticks can carry a whole variety of diseases; Lyme’s disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and Rickolososis Disease among others. And if our pets ever get a tick on them, we want to get it removed but we want to do it safely and effectively. The key to these Tick Nippers, is the very thin and curved jaw. The way it works is, you first locate the tick, open the jaws of the Tick Nipper, then part the hair on your dog, push the jaws around the tick, and squeeze the handle. What these thin blades will do, they are thinner than tweezers, and they will harness the tick’s head just between the head and mouth parts and the stops on the Tick Nipper will stop you from cutting the tick in half. So you can squeeze all you want and you’re not going to cut the tick at all.

    You squeeze and apply upward pressure; the entire tick including the mouth parts will pop right up out. The reason you want to get the mount parts out is you don’t want to leave them in there to risk creating any secondary infections. The other nice thing about these is, because of the stopped that prevent you from squeezing the tick too hard and bursting the tick or forcing any body fluids back into the dog. They are designed very well and they have a little magnifying glass built in but I find it kind of hard to use but maybe with someone with better eyes can use it.

    The other thing I like to do with my Tick Nipper is, I drill a little hole in the handle of the Tick Nipper to clip on a Lion Country Supply Lanyard. This allows me to hang it in my truck, where as some people keep theirs in their kennel or even wear it around their neck when they are checking over their dog for ticks.

    Price wise, the Tick Nipper is very inexpensive. So if you live in tick country, it is essential that you have a set of Tick Nippers in your first aid kit.

    Thank you!

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