Tick Nipper - Tick Tweezers

March 31, 2011 1 min read

After you find a tick embedded in you or your dog, it's of vital importance to correctly remove the tick in a timely manner to best avoid the chances of disease transmission. Incorrect removal of a tick may result in compression or puncturing of the tick's body and the mouth parts being left behind in the skin, risking secondary infections and unsightly lumps. Causing injury to the tick may allow for its saliva and gut contents to be regurgitated into the host via the bloodstream. The Tick Nipper is one very simple product that is indispensable for any dog owner with long, thin jaws that are designed to slide under the tick and get as close as possible to the skin. The Tick Nipper, unlike traditional household tweezers, does not compress the tick's body. These patented tweezers also offer a built-in 20x lens to easily identify even the smallest of ticks and safely remove them in their entirety.   



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