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  • Stoeger Condor Youth 20 Gauge Product Review

    July 01, 2014 1 min read


    I ordered this to use on hunts with my grandkids and it has worked out great. We recently went on a hunt with my grandson, Gavin, and he loved the gun. The LOP on the gun is 12 inches or so, and the barrel length is 24 inches, which makes it a small version of the adult size Condor. The gun is a little heavy, but works well with kids in that because it is a little heavier, the recoil action is practically non-existent. In addition, we used the Vintage 2 shells from LCS. These worked great in that they do pack a punch, but the recoil is slight. They also pattern quite nicely.

    We first went to the sporting clays course so he could get used to the gun. He had never fired a 20 gauge before and we were a little concerned. He proceeded to knock the first 6 clays out of the air. So much for being concerned. We had 5 chukars and one pheasant scheduled to be released for our hunt, so we proceeded to our assigned field. Gavin was excited as were we. In 2 hours, our Large Munsterlanders produced all 5 chukars with excellent points and Gavin shot all 5 with the new Condor Youth model. We have no idea what happened to the pheasant. Never saw him and never flushed him.

    The Stoeger Condor Youth model comes in 20 gauge and 410 gauge and is available at LCS!

    -Dave Brown, LCS Gunroom

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