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  • Nite Ize Dawg Collar Cover Product Review

    July 02, 2014 1 min read


    So I also took home the Nite Ize Dog Collar Cover to see what it does and compare it to the Nite Ize Dawg Illuminated Collar in the specific area I live in. I am situated in a great spot for this product. My house sits along a busy highway and is surrounded by flat farming land on three sides. Here is what I found: It is a 7-inch strip that has a color like a smoky silver hue and is 1-inch wide with a red LED light that runs around the entire perimeter of the cover. It has two small Velcro pads on each end to secure it to a collar your dog already wears and it takes a good pull to yank it off. I think this LED light is brighter in the dusk/dark than the full collar light and it's because it's shining through a clear rubber instead of nylon. I took it out to the highway and it did show well. There are some small paw shaped reflective markings on it but it does not have noticeable pop like other reflective strips do and it only covers about 5 inches of the collar. I like the fact that you can add it to any collar and can be removed quickly. It is great to throw in your pocket to go for a walk or whatever low light situation you may find yourself in. Given what I saw, I think the Nite Ize Dawg LED Collar Cover is a great addition to your existing collar and easy to use.


    -Jim and Ranger, your LCS Shipping Team

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