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  • SportDOG Safety Lights Review

    January 16, 2014 2 min read

    SDSLThe new SportDog brand dog safety light is an improvement on the familiar lights that were previously made by Tracker. The newer SportDOG lights look very similar but have several improvements over their predecessor. The first of which is the housing that allows you to slide it onto the dogs collar. The SportDOG safety light is constructed from a harder, much more durable plastic material that is much less likely to break easily. It also incorporates an adaptor to allow the light to properly fit either a " or 1" wide collar strap. The older Tracker lights were only set up to fit on 1" collars.


    Another important improvement is in the on/off switch. On the older style light the user had to twist the lens of the light to turn it on or off, and to set it for blinking or constant mode, you had to remove the battery and reverse it. None of this was easy to do while the light was installed on a dog collar. On the new SportDOG light there is a push button that controls both the on/off and blinking/solid functions, and it is easily accessible even when the light is on the dog? collar.


    The new SportDOG dog safety light is available in five bright colors, blue, green, red, white, and yellow, for easy visibility in any variety of terrain or cover. These lights are great for helping you keep track of your dog any time he is out at night. They are also important if you like to walk your dog after dark. I have a very close friend who lost a black lab to a vehicle collision this past summer. I'm positive the driver never saw the black colored dog in the dark. With a safety light on her collar, chances are the accident would have been avoided.
    If you like to have your dogs out after dark, do them a huge favor and equip them with one of the inexpensive SportDOG safety lights. You might be saving their lives.

    -Doug Wennick, LCS Customer Service

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