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  • Fond memories in the field with Arlo and JC

    February 03, 2014 2 min read


    We all have em! That is conversations about gundogs whether it's about pointers, setters, flushing vs. pointing, etc. Most in good fun, some can get a little ugly (don't even go there with the Drahthaar vs. Pointer bunch haha!)

    I came to the conclusion a LONG time ago that I just don't care! Now I've run labs for a long time, mostly because of the -I like what I know? kind of thing. I love to see a dog work, period. I root for them all! Pointers, Flushers, Beagles, Mt. Curs, you name it! Sure, everyone loves their breed or they probably wouldn't have one, but come on guys and gals, they are all working dogs. All this east is east stuff is all in our heads!

    I've been hunting my flushing labs for years now. Side by side with various pointing dogs and have been having a ball! Yes it helps to have dogs that are compatible and like each other.


    Arlo and JC

    You can see an example of what I'm talking about with this photo of my lab Arlo and his buddy JC, a nice little Gordon that belongs to my friend Tom. They share the same woodcock & pheasant cover and it is a blast! A pointed bird is honored by Arlo and a flushed bird may be pointed dead and retrieved by JC?.The Ultimate Chuckle?pointed by JC, flushed by Arlo, pointed dead by JC and retrieved by Arlo!

    OK, shooting pains from laughter in my sides by now! HAHA, what a hoot! To see them trotting back, side by side?one of them holding the bird is priceless and to see them piled in the back of my Jeep lying next to one another tired out?Man I only wish I could still smoke cigars!

    -Guillermo Tucci

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