Review of the Stoeger X5

April 19, 2013 1 min read

Stoeger X5 Review

Stoeger X5 @ 25 feet.

First, let me say the directions are straight-forward and easy to understand. The fact that I was capable of comprehending them makes them idiot proof.

The finish is smooth and even. The fit is very good overall. The trigger is crisp. The safety is well placed, ergonomic and easy to disengage or employ. The fiber-optic sights are a welcome addition (they enabled me to see the sights much more easily). An adjustable rear sight was a big surprise (as I said, I have never handled an air rifle).

The rifle functioned well. It did take me a while to sight it in due to my dyslexia. I used
Gamo's Hunter Impact, .177 cal, 0.49 GR, led pellets. At 25 feet I managed to place 7 out of 10 shots in the x-ring.

Overall, I like this rifle. When I buy one,I'll install a scope because my eyes are not what they used to be. I think you will enjoy this rifle as much as I do.

-Derek Binus , LCS Staff

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