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  • Gundog House Door - Staff Review

    April 22, 2013 2 min read


    This is very high-quality door, easy to install and made in America?!

    I have installed many of these for other folks, but the first one was for me.

    My wife told me that if I were to cut a hole in the outside wall of our house it had better look nice! It did finish off nicely, and I stayed out of trouble.

    The rough opening which you need to cut and frame into your home or kennel is 12 1/2" wide by 17 1/2" high. This easily works between standard 16" or 24" spaced building studs. The outside cast aluminum frame, measuring 14" wide by 20" high, fits snugly against the outside surface of your building, making a nice seal and finished appearance.

    The bottom of the rough opening from the floor surface should be an inch or two lower than your dog's chest height from the floor.

    The door mounts to the outside of your building using screws in the top spring section of the frame. Just looking at the picture of the door, some people may be confused as to just how it works.

    When the dog exits the building, the entire Plexiglas door and aluminum frame swing out to permit exiting and closes with the spring tension at the top.

    When the dog enters the building, only the Plexiglas inner panel swings inward, clearing through the opening, allowing the dog to enter and also close snugly against the back side of the aluminum frame.

    If you want a really nice dog door that will withstand heavy use for years, I certainly recommend this unit.

    -Jack Sankey, LCS Staff

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