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  • Reflective Day-Glo Collar Product Review

    June 16, 2014 1 min read



    The Reflective Day-Glo collar is essential gear for any hunter that runs dogs in low or fading light situations. I use one on my English setter and we never take it off. We live next to a three-lane highway and my pup likes to run. He is trained to stay away from the road and even a car's headlights at up to mile away will reflect off of this collar. At night when he is out it takes very little light to make that strip shine real bright. Hunters who night hunt or those who just walk their dogs will find this invaluable to locate their dogs and help catch the attention of others to see them as well. The collars come in two different patterns. One pattern has the reflective strip in the center and one pattern does not. Both show up well in any light but I prefer the reflective type. They also come in numerous colors to fit any taste. With a sturdy D-Ring and easy cleaning the Reflective Day-Glo collar is an all-around great collar!


    -Jim and Ranger, your LCS Shipping Team

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