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  • Nelson Water Bucket Heater Review

    March 09, 2017 2 min read

    Nelson Water Bucket Heater

    If you have an outside kennel for your dog, and live in northern climes with outside temperatures that go below freezing, then you must have a Lion Country Supply Nelson Water Bucket Heater. Our family used to rotate three LCS Flat Sided Kennel Pails to our Lab's kennel during the winter. One with fresh water in the morning, a second with fresh water in the afternoon, and another trip out in the dark before bedtime with a third bucket of fresh water. The frozen buckets were brought inside until they thawed enough to release their icy blocks. Additional trips outside to dump out the ice blocks, and by winter's end we had amassed a small iceberg in our yard.

    The Nelson Water Bucket Heater allows a constant supply of fresh water, regardless of the outside temperature. Some customers stated their dogs won't drink warm water, but I found the heater keeps our dog's water at approximately 40 degrees. Warm enough that it doesn't freeze, but cool enough for a satisfying drink.

    A stainless steel bracket is provided to secure the Nelson Water Bucket Heater to your kennel. A security chain is also enclosed that snaps on the kennel fence to prevent your dog from pulling the heater and cord into the run. We have our water bucket elevated with a Chain Link Fence Pail Holder for maximum drinking comfort, so we also wrap the provided security chain around the water bucket's handle prior to snapping on the fence to doubly insure the bucket doesn't drop. The Nelson Water Bucket Heater has a copper sheath around the electrical cord that extends from the water bucket to outside the kennel to prevent your dog from chewing through.

    If you have a dog in an outside kennel, you are obligated to supply fresh water at all times. The Nelson Water Bucket Heater is the obvious solution.

    Amy Bravis

    Sales and Customer Service


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