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    April 29, 2022 3 min read 2 Comments

    I’m Steven with Lion Country Supply. Today I want to take some time and talk about our trade-in program. We’ve been running this program now for a little over four years. We have helped thousands of customers upgrade their equipment, while giving a really good competitive value for their trade-ins. So, with this being ran for a little over four years now, we get a lot of questions on how the program works. Questions like, “what type of equipment can you trade-in” and other different types of questions that folks have asked us over the years. So, I just want to cover some of those and give some responses so that if you have questions about our trade-in program, you can reference this video or check it out on the website (LCS Trade-in Program).

    One of the first questions that I want to cover is, folks have asked, “what all types of equipment do we accept?” Well, we actually accept everything that you can use for your dog training when it comes to electronics. So, that’s going to be their older Tri-Tronics systems, Garmin, SportDOG, Dogtra, and DT Systems. The other thing is that we also accept all working and non-working units. So, don’t be afraid if your system is broken or not working, it’s still worth it to send it in and for us to put a value on it for you.

    Another question get is, “when do I send my used equipment in?” There’s actually two different ways that you can do that. You can go ahead and send your used equipment in first. We can evaluate it, test it, and then call you with a value. The second option is you can purchase your new gear and then send your used equipment in. We’ll call you with an evaluation after and then we can always credit your credit card back or whatever form of payment that you used. Either way you decide, there is a form that we require that you guys send in, that basically lists all the equipment, the condition you think that it’s in, and whether it’s working or not. That form can either be printed off (LCS printable trade-in form) or you can fill out our LCS digital trade-in form and send it to use that way.

    Some other questions we get are things like “should I send in my chargers”, “should I clean my equipment”, and “should I send in the box with manuals”. These are all great questions and to answer all of those is yes. It’s always a benefit if you clean your equipment before you send it in. Send in everything that you have with it, like your chargers, your clips, your plugs, anything that you have that all is going to be part of the value that we give you.

    The biggest thing that I can say about our trade-in program is that every single trade-in is priced differently. There’s not one system that we have a base price for and then that’s what we give. We truly look at all trade-ins. Things like at include:

    • how they were taken care of
    • how they were used
    • if they’re functional
    • if they’re not functional

    Every trade has a different value to it, so the more stuff you send in with it the better the value that you’ll get.

    So with that said, that concludes our trade-in video. Again, I just wanted to answer some questions that we get asked a lot of and remind everyone that if you have questions yourself, you can leave us a comment on this video, call us at 1-800-662-5202, email us at service@lcsupply.com, go to our website (lcsupply.com), or use our live chat. These are all different ways to communicate with us and we are always here to help.

    Thank you for watching and stay tuned.

    Steven Stiner, LCS General Manager

    2 Responses

    Shannon Poindexter
    Shannon Poindexter

    December 03, 2022

    Wanting go to dif system for my beagles
    Thinking dogtra pathfinder 2

    John Devereaux
    John Devereaux

    May 02, 2022

    Good video on how trade in program works, BUT, you have to do away with the background music while the guy is talking, it’s annoying and distracting

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