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  • LED Super Smart Light - Coon Hunting Light

    December 05, 2012 2 min read

    This fall I was looking for a good economical backup light to use for coon/predator hunting. I decided to try one of our Super Smart lights from Lion Country Supply. I was hoping for a decent light at a good price to use if I had forgotten to charge my first string light or to have a light in case I brought a friend that had no light of their own.
    What I ended up with is a new go to light. The HL2 is a 3.7v 6600 mAh battery that achieves full charge in 12 hours if completely dead. One of the best features, besides the bright tight spot, is the extreme amount of burn time that you get with a full charge. 35 hours on low and 15 on high!! The 10 watt LED light has up to 200 lumens on the high setting and will really light up the tree tops. I have not used a light that makes it so easy to find a raccoon without seeing eyes ever; the bright white light really shines off the fur and makes it very easy to see the rings on the tail. This light features a bump cap with the battery attached to the back which means no cords to tangle or belt with a heavy battery pulling down your pants.
    Now that we are in the winter season and the daylight is just so short I have found any time I am outside whether at my kennels or hauling firewood into the house, I end up putting the cap on and using the new LED light. It is just so comfortable and easy to slap on my head and just get to whatever the chore may be.
    -LCS Staff Review by By Andy Purnell

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