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  • Certifect for Dogs Review

    October 08, 2012 1 min read

    Certifect is the best tick spot on I've ever tried! I've been using this new quick kill formula flea and tick monthly spot on by Frontline on my setters for 2 weeks now. I'm amazed at how hardly any ticks have attached to my dogs although I pick maybe 10 or 20 off each time I put a dog down in the woods. The deer ticks come to the surface of the dogs fur instead of biting and I can easily pick them off the dogs. At first I'll find half of them just seemingly stunned and easy pickings on the surface. 10 minutes later more seem to come out of the fur. 2 or 3 pickings and none are left attached and dying like with other products . Hard to believe. I just hope it continues at the end of the 30 days. We live in a very high deer tick area and am in constant contact with ticks. I recommend you try this on your dogs if you hunt tick country.

    -John "Buck" Koritko - LCS Owner

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