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    March 07, 2012 1 min read

    At $39.95, the LCS Wooden Shotgun for Hunt Tests is a real deal to substitute for an expensive shotgun in a Hunt Test setting. It requires a few steps to produce this realistic-looking dummy shotgun.
    First, the stock outline is cut out with a band saw from 1 - thick dimensional lumber. The barrel groove is then cut into the front portion of the stock using a dado blade in the table saw. The stock blank is then routed on all exterior edges to produce a smooth, rounded surface. A stock barrel groove plug is glued into the rear of the groove to receive the barrel at a flush fit. Final sanding is then completed on all stock blank surfaces.

    The stocks are then stained with a Walnut penetrating oil stain and permitted to dry properly. The PVC pipe barrels are cut to length, drilled for the two mounting screws, and painted black.

    When the stain is dry, the stock receiver areas are masked off and painted black. The barrels are mounted to the stocks, and the final step is to varnish the stocks with a high-quality polyurethane varnish.

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