Gundog Veterinary Bible Review

January 18, 2012 1 min read

The Gundog Veterinary Bible is a new book that just came out and we began to carry this fall. If you are like me you have couple of first aid references around the house somewhere, but this one will find it's home in my truck so it is always on hand when I am in the field with my lab.
Dr. Harvey Carruthers covers a wide range of topics ranging from the most basic of issue such as what constitutes normal vital signs all the way to a dog in full arrest and not breathing after an accident. The essential information you need on each topic is provide in a very clear, concise manner allowing you to read the essential information and treat your dog quickly with first aid measures before getting them to the vet. The book has a hard cover, but interally is spiral bound and sections tabbed for quick reference, and it's printed on water resistant paper.
It's a great addition to my first aid kit and would make a great gift to some of my friends for the coming holidays.

-Randy Carlson - LCS General Manager

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