LCS Champion Blank Pistol

October 04, 2010 1 min read


Jack Sankey - LCS Customer Service

These pistols are full-size with wooden grips and are available in .22 or .32 calibers and the 209 Primer model. All models feature swing-out cylinders and use any brand of blank ammo. (The 209 Model, of course, only fires the 209 shotgun primers.) We also offer our Better Leather Holster (Code BLH), which is a nice fit for carrying these pistols.

The cylinder is freewheeling on these models and will only index and lock when the hammer is cocked. Thus, care must be taken that you do not have the cylinder positioned in such a manner that you may strike a spent round when you really need it to fire. (Such as in a field trial situation.)

This is the only feature of this model that I feel needs improvement. However, to keep the cost reasonable, the manufacturer cannot incorporate all the features of expensive, high-end, .22 cal. handguns into this inexpensive blank gun.

LCS Champion - Blank Pistol

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