Kwik Stop Styptic Powder - Staff Review

September 09, 2013 1 min read


Don't know about your birds but ole ruff in Pennsylvania tends to inhabit the thickest, nastiest, thorniest cover possible. Therefore you and your dogs experience a lot of thorn caused bleeders. It's remarkable how profusely you and your dog's ears can bleed. The dogs don't seem to mind but I'm not as stoic! That's why i always carry lion country supply's kwik stop styptic powderwhen grouse hunting.

The half ounce tube fits easily and unobtrusively into any pocket and stops the bleeding fast. And yes, i use it on myself as well as the dogs. The manufacturer recommends a moistened q tip for application but in the field i find a finger and some spit works just fine. It also works great to stop the bleeding when you accidentally over clip you dogs nails.

Don't let the thorns spoil your hunt. Carry kwik stop styptic powder!

-John Sarver, LCS Staff

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