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  • Introducing the Garmin TT25, T20, and Alpha 300

    May 11, 2023 3 min read 2 Comments

    Introducing the Alpha 300, Alpha 300i, TT25, and T20

    We are excited to announce what we think is the biggest Garmin product release since Garmin’s launch of the Alpha 100 TT10 system over a decade ago. Introducing the TT25 Collar, T20 Collar, Garmin Alpha 300 handheld, and Alpha 300i handheld! The TT25 and the T20 collars have the most significant improvements that I think we have seen since the TT10 came out. The TT25 is the tracking and training collar replacing the TT15 series and the T20 is the tracking-only collar replacing the T5 series. The Alpha 300 and 300i handhelds, as you can guess it, are improvements on the Alpha 200i platform.


    Garmin TT25 Tracking and Training Collar

    The Garmin TT25 tracking and training collar is a nearly complete redesign of the tracking and training collar, taking everything we loved about the TT15 and TT15 mini and improving on everything that we didn’t. In my opinion, Garmin really listened to feedback with this design. The TT25 features all the great training features you have come to accept from the TT10 and TT15 series and packs them into a new and improved body. The TT25 comes in a much smaller form factor than the TT15 and is just slightly larger than the TT15 mini. The smaller size did not sacrifice range or battery life, still featuring up to 9 miles of range and 68 hours of battery life. One of the biggest changes is the TT25 now features an easily replaceable GPS strap, so gone are the days of having to send back your collars with broken GPS antennas.

    For more about the TT25 collar see our Garmin TT25 vs TT15 Series comparison.


    Garmin T20 Tracking Collar

    Much like the TT25 collar, the T20 tracking collar is a completely redesigned tracking-only collar that improves on the T5 series of collars. The T20 features up to 9 miles of tracking and 68 hours of battery life. Like the TT25, it is a smaller body than the T5 full size and slightly larger than the T5 mini. One appreciable cosmetic change was the T20’s top of the case is now a bright orange, making it really stand out from other collars. This is important for those field trialing. The dog device also kept the T5 orange GPS antenna as an additional differentiating color from the tracking and training collars. Like the TT25 collar, the T20 also features an easily replaceable GPS strap, so no more broken GPS antennas for your tracking collars as well.

    For more about the T20 tracking collar see our Garmin T20 vs T5 Series comparison.


    Garmin Alpha 300 and Alpha 300i Handhelds

    With the TT25 and T20 collars, we got huge evolutionary improvements. With the Alpha 300 and Alpha 300i, the changes and improvements are more so incremental improvements. The Alpha 300 is going to look very similar to the Alpha 200 series with nearly identical case bodies. What is different though is on the inside. The Alpha 300 features several software improvements and upgrades to the user interface that people who run multiple dogs are really going to enjoy. The Alpha 300, like all past Alpha handhelds, comes with preloaded Topo maps, but new to the Alpha 300 series is the ability to subscribe to Garmin’s Outdoor Maps+, which gives you access to a wide variety of premium mapping content that is regularly updated. Another notable improvement is battery life, now lasting up to 55 hours, compared to the Alpha 200 series’ 20 hours.

    For more information on the Alpha 300 series see our Alpha 300 vs Alpha 200 comparison.



    We hope you are excited about the new TT25 and T20 collars as we are! With new, greater battery life, replaceable GPS antennas, and several other cool, new features, we think that these two collars are going to be a great addition to the Garmin dog tracking and training devices.


    Thank you for reading. If you want additional information on the devices above, make sure you check out our blogs and webpages for those products. You can also send us your questions on our live chat, email us at service@lcsupply.com, or give us a call at 1-800-662-5202.

    Thank you!

    By: Michael Cassatt, LCS Director of Marketing

    2 Responses

    Michael - Lion Country Supply
    Michael - Lion Country Supply

    May 11, 2023

    Yes, the TT25 and T20 will work with all previous Alpha handhelds as well as the PRO 550 Plus.

    Stan stradley
    Stan stradley

    May 11, 2023

    Will the new tt25 work with the 550 plus ?

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