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  • Introducing the Garmin Delta Simple

    August 31, 2022 3 min read

    Garmin Delta Simple E-Collar

    The Garmin Delta Simple (Delta SE) is Garmin’s latest release into their Delta series of e-collars. The Garmin Delta series are moving their focus more on the everyday pet side of the market. It is designed to be simple and easy to use, with clearly labeled buttons, no settings to worry about, and simple two dog selector switch. This e-collar system is prefect for those dog owners that only have one or two dogs and are looking for something super easy to use when letting their dog out in the yard or on walks.


    Key Features of the Garmin Delta SE

    As the name implies, the best feature of the Delta SE is how simple it is. This is truly an e-collar system for a beginner. The front face has the three training buttons clearly labeled; M for momentary stimulation, C for continuous stimulation, and T for Tone. The stimulation setting dial also features a V setting for vibration. The Tactile dial allows for easy selection of 1-10 stimulation setting.

    The Garmin Delta SE can be used to train up to two dogs with the purchase of an additional Delta SE collar or using a Garmin Delta XC extra collar or Garmin PT10 extra collar. Once paired in, selecting between dogs is as simple as sliding the switch on the right up or down to choose between dogs.

    The range of the Garmin Delta SE is advertised at a half-mile, which should be plenty of range for most pets since this system is geared more toward those dogs that will be in their yard and on off-leash walks at close range. A half-mile range gives plenty of time to react and use the training features to gain control of your dog.

    The Garmin Delta SE features 60 hours of battery life for the collar and 70 hours or more with the handheld. This will allow you to use the system multiple times without having any worries about having to charge the devices. When it is time to charge the devices, the included USB-C chargers makes charging simple and easy.

    Like all e-collars from Garmin, the Garmin SE system also features the IPX7 waterproof rating. This gives you the peace of mind that letting your dog out in the rain, snow, and any other water is not going to damage the device.

    Both the handheld and the collar are very light weight. The Garmin Delta SE Handheld weighs 3.0 ounces and the Delta SE dog collar weighs only 2.5 ounces. This makes the device great for nearly all sizes of dogs.


    Garmin Delta SE Compatibility

    The Garmin Delta SE handheld is compatible with the Garmin SE collars, the Garmin Delta XC and Delta XC Sport collars, and the Garmin PRO PT10 extra collars. When using the Delta XC Sport collar, you will lose the ability to remotely turn the bark limiter on and off. When using the PT10 collar, you will not have the ability to turn on the collars beacon lights.


    LCS E-Collar Trade-In Program

    Are you considering the purchase of the new Garmin Delta SE system? Do you have older equipment that you would like to trade in to save on your purchase? Check out the Lion Country Supply Garmin Trade-In Program. We accept working and non-working Garmin e-collars and handhelds.


    If you have questions on either the Garmin Delta SE or Delta SE collar, please leave a comment below or reach out to our customer service by either calling 1-800-662-5202 or using our website’s live chat during business hours.


    Thank you for reading!


    Michael Cassatt – LCS Director of Marketing

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