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  • Hunting Hares in Aroostook County Maine

    June 07, 2013 2 min read

    IMG_0737Here we are coming into the hottest part of the year and I cannot help but reminisce about some of my past cold weather hunts? One of my favorite memories comes from a hunt in the great North Woods of Aroostook County Maine. I take a trip every year with a group of great guys and we spend a week hunting the snowshoe or varying hare. People think we are crazy to drive the 16 hrs. North to hunt rabbits, but there is nothing in this world like a pack of good rabbit dogs full cry, hot on the track of a snowshoe hare. On this particular day we had gotten a fresh snow the night before and you could just tell it was going to be one of those days you remember forever. The drive to the hunting spot just added to the excitement when we kept seeing hare tracks crossing the road. We ran a pack of 6 professional rabbit dogs and had a young hound in the pack for some hare chasing lessons. Boy did Little Chief get taken to school, we enjoyed nonstop running from the time we turned loose early in the morning until we picked up the hounds late in the afternoon.


    IMG_0799Even with the peace of mind given by the Garmin GPS tracking systems we all have , you don't want to leave a hound out overnight in these unforgiving forest lands. This was one the only days I had gotten shots at more than one hare and connected, and it was made a little more special by having Chief along for his first trip with the big boys. The hounds performed flawlessly for the entire week thanks to the Annamaet Glycocharge, while the fresh snow hanging from the trees made for a beautiful back ground to sit and listen to them run their hearts out. At the end of the day all of the guys were amazed to see that according to our Garmin GPS tracking units, the hounds had run for 22 miles in the 7 hours they were on the ground. Who would have ever thought that we would ever be able to get that kind of info from our tracking systems?..Till the next time. Keep "m in the woods.



    -Andy Purnell, LCS customer Service

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