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  • Heated Whelping Nest by Custom Molding

    January 19, 2021 3 min read 1 Comment

    Lion Country Supply is eager to introduce the new Heated Whelping Nest produced by Custom Molding, the makers of Easy Loader Kennels. Over the last few years, there was a void in the market for a great whelping nest that was heated. Custom Molding answered that call and, in our opinion, improved on the highly regarded whelping nest of years past.

    Why Use a Heated Whelping Nest?

    Heated whelping nests are important equipment used when whelping puppies. The leading cause of puppy mortality is the loss of body temperature. For the first several weeks of life, puppies are not able to self-maintain their body temperature and rely on their mother to provide body heat. Sometimes, a new mother may not have maternal instincts or may reject her puppies. In this case, having the heated whelping nest is an absolute necessity to keep the puppies alive.

    Key Features of the Heated Whelping Nest

    The Heated Whelping Nest is comprised of medical grade materials that have an antimicrobial additive. These materials are also chemical-resistant, which protects against bodily fluids from the puppies or their mother, as well as any cleaning supplies that are used to clean up after the puppies are removed from the whelping box. The entire unit is sealed with a strong adhesive material to prevent opening the unit, also providing water resistance.

    The heated surface of the whelping nest is 22 inches by 18 inches with overall dimensions of 28 ½ inches by 24 ½ inches. This allows for the use in larger breed dogs, in addition to other species of animals. The nest portion is just under 2 inches deep to help keep puppies in place with a textured material for grip to allow puppies to move around to cooler or warmer areas as needed. The design of the whelping nest is an oval shape to be more ergonomical for the mother.

    The Heated Whelping Nest is controlled with a digital adjustable thermostat controller. This is very important feature because puppies have different temperature requirements as they age. The digital display shows the internal temperature of the unit. Also as a safety feature, the nest has an internal temperature limit switch to prevent any accidental overheating. This internal temperature limit switch is set at 108 degrees Fahrenheit, which is only about 6 degrees warmer than that of an adult’s internal body temperature. The digital thermostat is programmable to set temperatures between 50 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

    The Heated Whelping Nest uses a standard 110 volt wall outlet. The cord is 5 ½ feet long and is shrouded in a nylon braided loom cover to help protect the cord from the mother and puppies.

    The Heated Whelping Nest is designed to be placed into a whelping box and includes a cut-out template on the shipping box for easy mounting inside the whelping box. This whelping nest also comes with predrilled holes in the pan portion to secure the nest to the whelping box.

    The Heated Whelping Nest also comes with a one year warranty through the manufacturer.

    Shipping Restrictions

    We are currently drop-shipping this product from the manufacturer and because of this, we are unable to provide express 1-day or 2-day shipping.


    We at Lion Country Supply are really excited about this product and our staff has already purchased several for use in their own whelping boxes this spring. As with any product we sell, we always look forward to hearing about your experiences with the products that we sell to you. If you purchase this product and use it for your next litter of puppies, please send us some pictures and feedback to webdev@lcsupply.com. Please include your Instagram handle if you give us permission to use your photographs on the Lion Country Supply social media pages.

    1 Response

    Joe Martino
    Joe Martino

    March 02, 2022

    I purchased 3 last year and highly recommend this product! No issues at all quick easy set-up and instructions on usage are clear and helpful. All three units functioning well with no issues.

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