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  • Garmin Alpha 200i Software Update Version 3.10

    November 20, 2020 1 min read

    Garmin Alpha 200i Software Update

    Garmin released a new software update (3.10) for the Garmin Alpha 200i handhelds for all regions fixing several issues and bugs.

    Change Log:

    Fixed change in ID failure

    Fixed tracking after updating to v3.00

    Fixed GPS status field on the trip computer

    Fixed random power-downs

    Fixed crashes on Wi-Fi setup page

    Fixed training bar setup crashes

    Fixed training defaults not updating existing command

    This also fixes the ability to reorder the dog list


    How to Update your Garmin Alpha 200i

    There are two ways to update your Garmin Alpha 200i handheld.

    1. Connect your Alpha 200i handheld to a computer using the micro-USB to USB connection. Then use Garmin Express to install updates.
    2. You can receive updates over the air when connected to a Wi-Fi network. Once added to a Wi-Fi network, that information saves & your handheld will automatically connect when you return to that location.

    Note: Garmin suggests that before updating an Alpha 200i handheld, allow the handheld to acquire a satellite GPS fix first. This is especially important for brand new right out of the box handhelds!


    Update (2/3/2021): Garmin Alpha 200i Software Update v3.20

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