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  • EMT Gel - Staff Review

    November 08, 2013 1 min read


    I was recently running my little squirrel dog when I heard him give a pretty good yelp as if he were in some pain. I started in his direction and got to him within a minute or two to see him limping towards me. When I picked him up there was the remnant of a stick protruding from a pretty good sized cut on his neck.

    I was able to remove the rest of the stick from the wound and used a handkerchief to stop the bleeding. When I got home my wife and I cleaned the wound thoroughly, and we decided to try EMT gel to see if it would speed up the healing process.

    EMT Gel is a collagen based ointment that interacts with the tissue around the wound to seal it and promote rapid healing. When the wound is fresh EMT Gel interacts with the tissue to seal the wound and promote clotting. It also forms a barrier to prevent the intrusion of dirt and bacteria so the wound heals faster. Then as the wound heals the EMT Gel provides nutritive protein and matrix for new cell growth.

    So after treating my dog with the EMT Gel after one day you could barely tell by his behavior that he had been injured, and after four days the cut in his neck was pretty much healed. Needless to say that I am impressed with EMT Gel, and I will be keeping a tube on hand all the time.

    -Doug Wennick, LCS Customer Service

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