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    November 15, 2016 2 min read

    Ten Mile High Visibility Vest Dog Safety Vest

    Fall is in full swing and large game hunting season are quickly approaching. During these hunting seasons, do not forget to consider your dog's safety. Eager hunters can easily mistake dogs for game, especially if your dog is brown like a deer or black like a black bear. Following the safety tips below will ensure your dog stays safe during these hunting seasons.

    Do not let dogs off-leash

    One of the easiest safety precautions is not letting your dog off-leash while in areas that could be hunting areas for large game. Keeping your dog on leash will keep them close by. Having your dog close will make it easier and quicker for hunters to identify them as dogs.

    Wear bright color vests on your dogs

    Wearing a bright color vest on your dog like our LCS Bird Dog Armor Vest or Ten Mile Dog Safety Vest will allow your dog to be seen and identified at great distance. The bright orange color of these vests are the same color orange that other hunters are required to wear during hunting season. This same safety color orange association will be quickly made by hunters ensuring your dog's safety.

    Wear bells on your dogs

    Having your dog making noise as they run is a great way to alert hunters that it is not game. A dog running through the woods sounds like big game coming, and will make hunters antsy. Having the bell on the dog will announce its location to the hunter and alert them that it is not game. We sell a variety of Dog Bells to choose from, ranging in a variety of tones.

    Stay out of hunting areas

    If possible, the best way to keep your dog safe is to ultimately just stay out of hunting areas during big game seasons.This will be best for your dog's safety as well as be less invasive to hunter's hunting areas.


    Whichever method or combination of methods that you choose, always remember to be mindfulof your dog and people around youwhile being considerate to hunters. To the hunters reading this, good luck this season and to the dog men, stay safe. Comment below with your methods and tips for staying safe during hunting season. Thank you for reading.

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