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    October 26, 2017 2 min read

    Do you use a dog bell?

    These days, GPS tracking collars have become somewhat popular for good reason, as they are valuable for finding dogs that have run out of sight of the hunter or trainer. But some hunters are "low tech" or want to have a backup for if a GPS unit would fail. Others simply want to keep their overall costs for their hunting hobby low. For these hunters, we carry a large selection of the best dog collar bells.

    A bell is also a valuable addition when it comes to the safety of your dog, particularly in high brush. If you have a smaller dog (say, a beagle as opposed to a setter or a pointer), then you know how sometimes they can just seem to disappear into the grass. The bell doesn't just give you an idea of distance; it can also give you an idea of how fast your dog is moving.

    Bell Features

    Dog bells come in a variety of sizes. A smaller dog is probably not Long-Distance-Cow-Bellgoing to do so well with a larger bell, of course. In addition, they have varying tones and different distances to where a hunter can reasonably hear them. Tone difference matters if the hunter has had any upper register hearing loss (an all-too-common issue for many people as we age), as the lower tone bells are often easier to hear. Another variable is the size of the collar which the bell can attach too - and the last one, as might be expected, is the price.

    The Best Dog Bell?

    Northwoods-Long-RangeDog bells come in several sizes and tones and ranges. Louder and deeper tones are best for distance and for hunters who may have trouble hearing higher-pitched sounds. Smaller bells with higher pitches are generally good for shorter ranges. The key is to get the perfect bell for you and your dog. You can always call 1-800-662-5202 to get help with your choice.

    The Northwoods Long Range Bell and the LCS Long Distance Cow Bells are the two with the best ratings according to LCS customers. Based on their reviews and our experience in the field, we strongly recommend one of these two bells.

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