Brass Name Plate - Staff Review

May 07, 2013 1 min read

BNP Lion Country Supply Brass Name Platesrecover two lost hunting dogs once again! Valued Lion Country Supply customer Richard Neff, of State College, was in our retail store recently to obtain items for the Rick Smith Seminar. Richard has brass nameplates attached to all of his collars and related this story to me. On February 11th Richard was at Lion Country Supply buying a new Garmin Alpha system and received a telephone call. His two young (4 months old) Brittany dogs escaped from home and were running down a road, about half- a mile from his house. A person pulled over, captured the dogs, immediately saw the highly visible brass nameplates, and telephoned Richard. Once again, the Lion Country Supply Brass Name Plates prevented a lost dog, or a tragic death. For $1.50, coupled with a collar, Lion Country Supply Brass Name Plates are literally the best investment for the money in America!

"John Bravis - LCS Gun Room

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