Zinger Winger Uplander Bird Launcher G4

  • The Uplander is a spring-loaded launcher that can launch live birds as well as Dokken's and bumpers. The "box launcher" weighs 8 pounds and measures 16" x 16" x 8" with its arms extended. Powered by 4 heavy-duty springs, the strength, and power that this versatile launcher provides allow it to be used in a wide assortment of ways. The trainer can train their dogs to "Sit to Flush" by simulating a bird flushing into the air at the press of a button. The trainer controls when the bird is released. A less powerful throw is made by removing two springs when releasing live birds.

    Another use for this versatile launcher is teaching a dog to watch a bird launch into the air and land after it fires. For this type of mark training dead or live birds can be used. It is perfect for releasing live birds of any size (ducks, pheasants, quail, and pigeons) but can also throw Dokken's, dead birds, and large/small bumpers for mark training. The Zinger Uplander will throw a bumper out past 20 yards and a mallard duck around 10 yards (see comparison chart). By selecting the arc, height, and direction of the throw, the user has quick and easy control.

    The Uplander G4 also features our exclusive servo actuated Sure-Shot Sound™ release mechanism that fires a 209 primer to simulate a shot in the field. Furthermore, the launcher can also be fired without a blank, making it possible to launch silently.

    When combined with either Dogtra, SportDog, or Garmin (Tritronics) Remote Release Electronics, the Uplander becomes a critical part of your dog training equipment that will quickly improve your dog's marking ability. For your dog to successfully compete consistently, they need to be conditioned on marks and flushes that have the same distance, arc, and height of markings seen at your typical weekend Hunt Tests and Field Trials.

    More champions have been trained using Zinger Winger remote launchers than any other winger on the market.

    Made in Canada. Available in Black Only. Some assembly is required.


    Drop-Ship Item. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

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