Tritronics G3 Upland Beeper

  • The new Tritronics Upland Beeper is the latest in beeper technology. It offers a unique, low-tone that is audible for up to 1/4, depending on conditions. The beeper is very light and weighs in at 2/6 ounces with overall dimensions of 1 5/8 high x 2 3/4 long. The Upland Beeper offers a simple one-button operation allowing easy selection between eight different hunts and point, or point only modes.

    The new G3 Upland Beeper can be operated remotely by any Pro or Field series transmitters (remote control range - 1 mile) of any Sport transmitter (remote control range - 1/2 mile) that can be operated simply as a stand-alone unit. The Tritronics Upland Beeper is waterproof, utilizes long life, and has a replaceable CR123A battery. Made in the USA with a one-year manufacturer warranty.

    The Tri-Tronics G3 Upland Beeper can work as a stand-alone unit to locate your pointing dog in thick cover and hilly terrain or operate along with a remote training collar for maximum control in the field. The beeper is an economical way to expand the functionality of your training collar that does not have a built-in beeper function.

    Remote Functions: When used with the Pro or Field series Tritronics transmitters, you can turn the beeper unit on and off remotely, as well as activate the locator feature even when the unit is on mute. This is also available with the Sport Upland G3 and Upland Special G3 transmitters.

    Modes: You can select either HUNT or POINT on the beeper unit, with a Green LED light indicating POINT and a Red LED light showing HUNT right on the device. Each mode has 8 individual settings, combining the blinking of the unit’s light, a low pitch tone easily audible within ¼ of a mile, or in POINT mode you can opt to replace the tone with an imitation Hawk Scream to foil the efforts of even the wiliest rooster. HUNT mode beeps every 4 seconds while the dog is moving. POINT mode either beeps every second while the dog is on point, or the Hawk Scream will sound every 5 seconds.

    Locator: Can’t find your dog? The Tri-Tronics G3 Upland Beeper has a quick solution. Simply hold down the button that operates the beeper on your compatible transmitter and the unit on the collar will produce a series of beeps as long as you hold down the button, for up to 8 seconds per transmitter button hold-down.

    Collar: A 3/4-inch wide collar is included with the device.

    • Specs: Waterproof
    • Dimensions:1.6 in. high x 2.75 in. wide
    • Weight: .3 oz.
    • Built-in replaceable lithium CR123A battery
    • 1-year manufacturer warranty

    Important Considerations: As with any new dog training and handling tool, you must condition your dog to the device before live-action in the field. Take the dog to a game preserve or purchase birds from your local game bird breeder and plant them either on private land used with permission or sanctioned dog training wildlife management areas. Place a piece of duct tape over the speaker on the unit for the first half of your training session to muffle the sound. Remove the duct tape during the second half to let the dog get used to the full sound of the device.

    Owners Manual:

    Tri-Tronics G3 Upland Beeper Manual


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