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SportDOG Launcher with Receiver

  • The SportDOG Brand® Launcher Basket and Receiver work with the Launcher Transmitter. It can launch live or dead birds and training dummies to help your pointing dog train to remain steady on the flush or help reinforce your retriever to stay steady to mark falling birds. Multiple Launcher Baskets can be operated with 1 Receiver and Transmitter, allowing you to customize your training experience.



    Replacement Parts and Accessories:

    SportDOG Launcher Transmitter and Receiver

    SportDOG Launcher Receiver

    SportDOG Launcher Receiver Battery Kit

    SportDOG 15 Foot Launcher Cable Accessory

    SportDOG Launcher Receiver External Speaker

    SportDOG Launcher Transmitter

  • Key Features:

    Launches dummies or birds to simulate real hunting situations

    Duck, pheasant, and shotgun report sounds available

    Controls up to 9 Launcher Baskets or Wingers


    Range - Up to 1/2 mile

    Expandable System - Expandable to 36 Receivers

    Waterproof -Waterproof and submersible

    Batteries - Rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Charge in 2 hours, last 80 hours per charge.

    Low Battery Indicator - Yes

  • SportDOG Basket and Receiver Bundle Includes:

    • Basket
    • Receiver
    • Charging Adaptor
    • Belt Clip
    • Lanyard
    • Operating Guide
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