SportDOG HoundHunter 3225 System

  • The SportDOG HoundHunter 3225 is a compact yet powerful remote training system. You will be amazed at how small and comfortable the transmitter is in your hand and we were really excited to hear that it offers a dependable two-mile range. It expands to six dogs and offers momentary and continuous stimulation, plus a vibration or tone option on all collars as well.

    A really nice feature of this unit is that the transmitter buttons are "color-coded". That is, there are colored arrows above and below the 2 front buttons and the side button. These arrows color-coordinate with the colors of the collar straps your dogs are wearing. With the transmitter toggle switch up, you are controlling the Orange, Red and Green collars. Flip the toggle switch down, and you are controlling the Blue, Yellow and White collars. By turning the transmitter dial to "V/T", you can tone or vibrate any of the 6 collars depending on the mode setting you select on your transmitter.

    The 3225 has eight levels of stimulation, and also offers a unique feature which allows you to customize each collar with a low, medium, or high range setting and then having eight levels within each of these ranges. The result is that you can customize each collar specifically to the temperament of your dogs. The 3225 is completely waterproof and shock resistant. The transmitter and receivers are fully rechargeable in two hours, and when you purchase extra collars, additional chargers are included! We back it with our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and SportDOG's Limited Lifetime Warranty.

    This unit is a great choice for the hound owner who runs multiple dogs!


    Does beeper work without the receiver being on the collar?
    Yes, the beeper can work remotely without the receiver being on the collar.
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