Single Lewis Dog Boots Non Vented

  • This is for a single vented Lewis Dog Boot. If you would like to purchase a full set, please click here.

    Made from actual tire rubber, these are some of the toughest and most durable dog boots we have found! These boots are all rubber with tread on the bottom for increased traction on most surfaces and added life to the soles of the boots. They also have drain holes. These boots are great for heavy rock, brush, sand spurs, and ice/snow that tears at your dog's pads. 4 boots included.

    We recommend a vented dog boot except when running in snow and ice. Click here for Vented Lewis Dog Boots.

    To secure them, put a layer of first aid wrap around the dog’s leg, slide on the boot and secure with duct tape around the first aid wrap.

    • Medium - (2 3/4")
    • Large - (3 1/8")
    • Extra Large - (3 1/2")

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