Retriever Puppy Starter Training Kit

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  • Retriever Puppy Starter Training Kit

    Start your buddy off right with the LCS Retriever Puppy Training Kit. This kit includes everything you need to get your retriever started. Total value of items is $174, but as a kit you save $34.

    Items included in this kit:

    Descriptions of items in the kit:

    Puppy Check Cord:

    The LCS Puppy Check cord is a scaled down model of the adult check cord, perfect for those first times in the field. A puppy is never too young to run the field, but you want to maintain control in order to avoid dangerous situations such as roads or steep drop-offs.

    Gonia Clear Competition Whistle:

    SportDOG Roy Gonia Clear Competition Whistle features a lower-pitched sound that carries farther and an easy-to-blow design for effective communication while training or in the field.

    LCS Snap Leads:

    The LCS Nylon Cord Snap Lead was designed with the LCS British Style Lead in mind for those folks who prefer a snap not a slip on the end of a light weight lead for your hunting vest.

    LCS Training Scent:

    We bottle our own training scents so we can guarantee the purest, undiluted scent available today.

    LCS Scent Injector:

    Scents any of the canvas, dead fowl, or Dokken super dummy's with the bird scent of your choice.

    LCS Freeze Dried Chukar Wings:

    We tie these freeze-dried wings on fishing line and use an old fishing rod to swing the wing away from the pup just before he gets it.

    Dead Fowl Trainer Greenwing Teal:

    It has a soft urethane body with non-palatable head and feet to encourage a proper carry and discourage hard mouthing. The free-swinging head discourages dogs from shaking birds during the retrieve.

    Avery White Canvas Bumper:

    The Avery Canvas Bumper is a perfect alternative to plastic bumpers; they are great for scent training.

    Avery Black/White Hex Bumper:

    The Hex Bumper’s design eliminates many of the disadvantages of traditional round bumpers and holds up to the daily routines of pro trainers! It has 6 flat sides with raised V-Grips for soft mouth with superior hold.

    LCS Heavy Duty Nylon Collar:

    The LCS Heavy Duty Nylon Collars offer extreme strength and durability. Heavy-duty hardware throughout ensure these collars will last.

    LCS Dog Trainers Bag:

    Dog Trainers Bag is truly a better way to keep your training gear safely organized. Made of sturdy double ply canvas with leather trim. Interior compartments will hold e-collars, transmitters, beepers, training dummies, etc.

    DVD - Training Your Retriever by Bill Eckett and Bobby George:

    Bill Eckett and Bobby George of Blackwater Retrievers will teach you how to develop your retriever into a controlled performer to make your hunting more enjoyable.

    LCS Lanyard:

    Lion Country Supply's LCS Lanyard is easy to attach quick clip for your whistle. Constructed of flat braid nylon so it's durable yet flexible.

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