Red Cedar Bedding For Dog Kennels

  • Red Cedar Bedding Large Bale

    Aromatic Red Cedar Ribbon Premium Dog Bedding is best bedding you can buy for filling dog houses, field crates and indoor whelping boxes. The structure of this bedding is the key.

    Red cedar bedding bales consists of slivers or ribbons of cedar. Note this is different from cedar chips, that are known to produce dust and smaller chip particles, which have the potential to get in the dog's eyes and nose, resulting in irritation. The ribbon cut stays together better than chips; thus, reducing scatter, waste and mess.

    This all-natural, safe and absorbent bedding provides greater warmth than straw or hay, does not mold, deters fleas and ticks, and gives your dog a nice cedar aroma. This bedding is the professional choice and is far more comfortable than straw, hay, paper or fabric.

    This 1.8 cubic foot bulk compressed bale is perfect for the kennel operator who has several dog houses to fill, or the one-dog owner who wants to have enough on hand to change the bedding in one dog kennel several times a year. The contents of this bale are enough to fill 4-5 average size dog houses depending on thickness desired. With daily use, this bedding will last 3-6 months in outdoor dog houses. One bale will cover an area of 5' x 8' being spread approximately 5" deep.

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    Is this product safe for puppies or younger dogs?
    Yes. The red cedar bedding poses no risk to puppies or younger dogs.

    Will this bedding deteriorate or rot?
    No. Red cedar bedding does not rot or deteriorate.

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