Living With Your Dog

  • Living With Your Dog

    Joe and Jan Rodriguez are obedience training experts from Sioux Falls, SD who have worked with thousands of dog owners to help them train their dogs to be mannerly.

    particular importance are the "alpha exercises" that teach the dog to be submissive to humans and teaches them to tolerate handling their feet, ears and all parts of their anatomy. A dog trained in this way is much less likely to be agressive with childern or a problem for the veterinarian or groomer. This program is fun to watch and is geared for family viewing.

    In this 58 minute program the viewer will learn:
    • Preventing aggressive behavior
    • Housebreaking
    • Feeding
    • How to cut toenails
    • Cleaning ears
    • Grooming
    • Teaching not to jump on people
    • Teaching come, sit and heel commands
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