LCS Suitcase Handle Whoa Lead

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  • The LCS Suitcase Handle Whoa Lead reinforces the flank stimulation taught on the Whoa Post in the HuntSmith training method. The loop around the dog’s flank tightens when you lift up on the suitcase handle, providing consistent correction that the dog is familiar with. The perfect way to transition from the Whoa Post in your yard to taking the lesson out into the field. When you “whoa” the dog, should he move and disobey the command, you simply pick him up and return him to the spot where you gave the command. This is an important step in training your dog to be steady to shot and how to honor or back another dog’s point.

    The lead is constructed from 7/16 in. blaze orange nylon check cord, with brass swivel snaps on both ends. The floating steel O-Ring adjusts for the size of the dog and allows the lead to be converted into a slip lead. When out of the field, you can simply detach the end snap from the O-Ring for use as a standard lead. One of the most inexpensive and versatile training leads on the market, brought to you by 35 years of LCS field testing and experience.

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