LCS Reflective Collar Strap - 6 Pack

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    Our exclusive 26" LCS Reflective Collar Strap 6-Pack contains one of each six colors available. This collar offers aHi-Viz reflective strip that is permanently bonded to an LCS Day-Glo Collar and is impervious to water and odor, and the Hi-Viz reflective strip makes your dog stand out at extreme distances when entering any beam of light. This collars ar designed for and perfect for dogs running at night or in low-light conditions that may be close to roads. This strap is 1" wide and will fit all Tritronics and some SportDOG receivers. It is available in a D-Ring configuration and in six colors: black, red, blue, orange, green, and yellow. These color match the color codes on all Tritronics transmitters, helping you to program your unit to specific dogs/collar colors. The 26" length has multiple holes and can be trimmed to fit any dog - even the smallest beagles!

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