Kennel Deck

  • These decks can be adjusted to fit any area of ground you want to cover to make a sanitary, comfortable surface for your dog to rest on. The platform raises your dogs above the dirt or concrete and resists mold, mildew, bacteria and even insect life. The surface is a durable weatherproof resin that will not splinter or flake.

    Each section sits 2'' above the ground, and covers an area of 2'x4'. One section is adequate for all but the largest hunting dogs. Sections can be combined to create larger ground coverings (as in the photo) which shows two 2'x4' sections, or they can be handsawed for custom fits.

    Please note - The price shown for the Kennel Deck includes the oversize freight charge of $10.00. This item also is not eligible for express 1 or 2 day shipping.
Dog Image