Hound Heater Classic

  • The Hound Heater Classic features two great changes! It now has a four-sided ventilation system that will effectively heat up to 16 cubic feet. The new unit is powered by a 50,000 hr., 100 watts, wire resistance element. (Replaceable) The same element that has made the Hound Heater Furnace a huge success!!! A great heating source at a more economical price. Will only be available in 100 watts. Great for cat houses and great for water pump houses!!! Extremely reliable and will last for many years!

    The Hound Heater Classic and the Hound Heater Deluxe have three basic differences. They are:

    Shape: Classic is small and square, Deluxe is larger and rounded

    Heating: Classic runs continuously, Deluxe is thermostatically controlled - only runs when it has to

    Area designed for Classic is for an area up to approx. 16 cubic feet while the Deluxe is for an area up to approx. 36 cu. feet.

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