Garmin Delta Dog Receiver Lithium Ion Battery

  • Replacement lithium-ion battery pack for the Garmin Delta series collars. This long-lasting rechargeable battery lasts about 3 months per charge.


    Garmin Product Number: 010-11925-00


    Replacement Battery Kit comes with:

    Lithium-ion battery pack

    Security screw driver


    Replacing the Delta Dog Collar Device Battery

    1. Remove the four security screws from the corners of the device.
    2. Lift up the battery assembly.
    3. Grip the battery connector wires close to the connector, and pull the connector outward from the circuit board to disconnect the battery connector from the device.
    4. With the new battery assembly, connect the battery connector to the device.
    5. Verify the gasket is not damaged and is completely seated in the groove.
    6. Hold the battery assembly and the device firmly together, and replace all four security screws without tightening.
    7. Verify the battery assembly and the device is aligned with no gaps.
    8. Tighten the screws evenly.


    Compatible Collars:

    Garmin Delta XC Collar

    Garmin Delta Upland XC Collar

    Garmin Delta Collar

    Garmin Upland Collar


    Compatible Systems:

    Garmin Delta XC System

    Garmin Delta Sport XC System

    Garmin Delta Upland XC System

    Garmin Delta System

    Garmin Delta Sport System

    Garmin Delta Upland System

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